Our 48m reach equipment shares the same innovative Overhead Roll and Fold™ boom design that works so well on bridges, commercial and industrial work. Our clients have discovered the versatility of a boom with a main section that articulates 180-degrees. This feature allows the main section to be angled away from the pour so that the boom can be guided horizontally into enclosed areas, positioned vertically and stretched out over the cab for flatwork.

And whether we need to reach deep into a structure for a controlled pour or operating flatout on a deck, proportional boom controls let us maneuver the boom with confidence for efficient and precise placement utilising an industry-leading 400-degrees of total boom articulation.

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Vertical Reach

152′ 4″

46.1 m

Horizontal Reach

139′ 7″

42.5 m

Below Grade Reach w/ Tip Hose

110′ 4″

33.6 m

Pipeline Diameter

5 in *

125 mm

Boom Type/ Sections

Overhead, Roll & Fold®/ 4

Boom Rotation

380 degrees

Unfolding Height

39′ 6″

12 m

Outrigger Type- Front

Super X, Hydraulic Extension & Jacking

Outrigger Type- Rear

Hydraulic Slewing & Jacking

Outrigger Soil Pressure w/o Dunnage (front/rear)

367/353 psi

25.3/24.3 bar

Outrigger Soil Pressure w/ Dunnage (front/rear)

104/100 psi

7.2/6.9 bar

Outrigger Width, Front

27′ 3″

8.3 m

Outrigger Width, Rear

27′ 3″

8.3 m

Outrigger Length

29 ft

8.8 m

*4.5-inch on tip section




2525H-6 120/85 MPS



Theor. Concrete Output

213 cu yds/h

163 cu m/h

Max. Pressure on Concrete

1169 psi

80 bar

Max. Strokes Per Minute


Max. Aggregate size

2.5 in

63.5 mm

Material Cylinder Diameter

10 in

254 mm

Material Cylinder Stroke

98 in

2500 mm

Differential Cylinder Diameter

4.7 in

120 mm

Maximum Oil Flow

158.5 gal/min

600 l/min

Hydraulic Circuitry Type


Valve Type

B Rock

*Pump specifications are for standard units. Other units are available. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Features + Benefits

4-Section Overhead Roll and Fold®

The innovative Overhead Roll and Fold® boom design works so well on bridges, commercial and indus¬trial work. Hundreds of pumpers and concrete contractors have discovered the versatility of a boom with a main section that articulates 180-degrees.  

Optional Detachable Boom

detachable boom option that allows the boom to be easily removed and mounted hundreds of feet from the pump.  

Super X Outriggers

Incorporates Schwing’s exclusive Super X Outriggers® that set-up fast and provide a compact and stable platform for pumping.  

Generation 3 Pump Kit

Outperforms every other concrete pump on high visibility projects while also placing millions of yards on everyday pours.  

Vector Controls

Valuable operational data at your fingertips to allow monitoring of the pumping process from the remote control box.  

Rock Valve™

No other sequencing valve combines lowest cost per yard maintenance costs and ease of rebuilding as the Rock Valve™.